Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hey there, and welcome to my new blog.  This site is mostly personal stories and day to day stuff, but I will also be posting in regards to movies, games, and anything else that's cool or interesting.  Feel free to comment away!

As for myself, I am a college student, currently going for a degree in IT (screw CompSci, hated programming), and hope to be done by next year sometime.  Where are you guys at? University? Tech School?

As for my interests, I do enjoy games, mostly PC and PS3, but do occasionally play some Nintendo stuff.  Main things I am hyped about are Pokemon Black & White, and awaiting to see some new RPGs for the said platforms.


  1. Just coming out of high school here, planning on Muskingum University starting next year.

    I am totally pumped for Gen V as well. Thinking I'm going to hold back until the third version comes out however. I've never gotten one of the third versions yet, so might as well start now.

  2. That picture is so awesome. I saved it as my desktop.