Monday, February 28, 2011

Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman make a return in 4.1!

Much to my excitement, it has been announced that the jungle troll cities of ZG and ZA will both be making a return to World of Warcraft in the next major content patch, 4.1  Both of the instances will be set as Lvl 85 Heroic dungeons with item lvl requirements.  There is going to be new/updated items and a return of some rare mounts.  There has been alot of released images yet, but the instances are partially released currently on the PTRs.

I freakin' loved ZG and was so sad when they decided to remove it from the game, but now that it's coming back, it might be time for me to reactivate my account and try them out.  There is no current date for the 4.1 patch however.


  1. I saw they announced this, wish I still played so I could check out that old 25 man

  2. Thats how you become a child again :-)

  3. I never could get into WoW, loved Warhammer Online before it got too glitchy :/